Cloud Security Resources

Sun, Apr 25, 2021 2-minute read

Staying up to date in the ever changing cloud space is a challenge for everyone. It is especially challenging for new folks to the field - where does one start? How does one keep their fingers on the pulse of cloud security?

It s not an easy task!

Luckily, there is a lot of awesome folks out there who are doing fantastic work to tackle this challenge.

Stay Ahead

  • CloudSecList . A low volume mailing list (once per week) that highlights security-related news focused on the cloud native landscape.
  • Chris Hughes @ LinkedIn . Chris Hughes is a cloud security leader, professor and board advisor. He shares commentary and news within cloud security and other topics.

Have a Listen

  • Resilient Cyber . Resilient Cyber brings listeners discussions from a variety of Cybersecurity and Information Technology (IT) Subject Matter Experts (SME) across the Public and Private domains from a variety of industries.

Take a Moment and Read

  • Top Threats: Egregious 11 Deep Dive . Using nine actual attacks and breaches, including a major financial services company, a leading enterprise video communications firm, and a multinational grocery chain for its foundation, the paper connects the dots between the Cloud Security Alliance Top Threats in terms of security analysis. The CSA has a tremendous amount of material as well - if you are working within cloud security the CSA should be a frequently referenced site.
  • Designing and deploying a data security strategy with Google Cloud . Data security and cloud security are and will forever be intertwined. This whitepaper from Google is a good introduction to cloud data security and defines key considerations as you move workloads into the cloud.